Food Relief

Supporting Communities with Culturally Appropriate Meals with Dignity

Together, we can help provide the food relief Melbourne needs

Reports say that 1 in 5 adults experience food insecurity with hunger. Of these, 71% are from marginalised communities such as refugee and asylum seeker cohorts, with severe hunger levels experienced by 11-41%. We believe it is vital for these communities to receive meals not just to cure their hunger, but meals with dignity, of high quality, and according to their cultural needs. 

Meals with Impact provides culturally appropriate pre-packaged meals for individuals and families suffering from food insecurity across inner metro Melbourne.

Our food relief program is: 

Culturally Appropriate and Halal-friendly

Our recipes are familiar to these communities, fostering a sense of inclusion and respect for their cultural preferences.

Nutritionally Approved

Once recipes are co-designed by our team, each meal is evaluated to ensure it meets specific dietary needs and nutritional benchmarks.

Empowering Communities

Our program is unique for its reinvestment into the communities we serve, allowing individuals to maintain their cultural ties through food


Our program is also committed to minimising waste, utilising recyclable and biodegradable packaging, and sourcing local ingredients where possible.

Access to nutritious food is fundamental to good health and wellbeing, and the lack of food or reliance on low-cost, poor quality food contributes to negative outcomes for physical and mental health. 

Community Outreach & Collingwood Partnership

Our food relief program is a collaboration between Meals with Impact and the Collingwood Football Club Foundation. Their generous support and ongoing commitment to creating a significant impact on the alleviation of food insecurity and serving the disadvantaged has made it possible for us to deliver up to 10,000 Magpie Meals to date. 

We work a little differently at Meals with Impact, our Magpie meals aren’t reliant on food donations, we make specific meals catered to those in need. With high-quality ingredients and dignity at the forefront of our minds, this program would not be possible without our sponsors, the Collingwood Football Club Foundation. 

Thanks to their unwavering support, not only are we creating meals for the community, we’re also able to increase our employment capacity to increase the economic participation in the community. We’re not just about providing meals, we’re about trying to get people out of needing these in the first place. 

We know it’s not an easy task however, so to help maximize our food relief impact even further, we’re now running a community outreach program through our Mama Maggie food van. So when it’s not busy at events, we take it to community areas to help feed the communities most in need. 

Join Us to support those seeking food relief

We need your support to help sustain our food relief program. Every financial contribution you make goes towards supporting the meaningful work our women are doing in creating food relief to communities in need.

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Donation Impact


refugee & migrant women out of unemployment cycle so far


of women ready for future employment thanks to our programme


job-ready graduates are in further employment or referred via referral pathway


Magpie Meals donated for food relief to vulnerable communities


hours of paid employment & training hours


In salaries supported to boost economic participation

Help us fill the gap when food vouchers aren’t enough.
Hear from the charities we support.
“Meals from Meals with Impact are warmly welcomed by our clients. As we serve people from quite diverse backgrounds, it is wonderful to be able to offer such culturally appropriate options. We’ve found clients that traditionally were not interested in our frozen selections now go straight for the beautifully presented Meals with Impact boxes and give us great feedback. Thank you so much for supporting the Whittlesea Food Collective and the community that we serve.”
Whittlesea Food Collective

Meals with Dignity

We believe every person deserves meals of respect. Which is why we’re focused on ensuring people are fed with nourishing, flavourful, culturally appropriate and high quality meals.

We’re sending individuals facing food insecurity a message that their wellbeing matters to us. More importantly though, we want to remove the stigma, and shame often associated with food relief, by promoting the fact that these meals are made not only for food relief but sold to the wider community.

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There are many more marginalised communities in Melbourne relying on Food bank vouchers who don’t have access to culturally appropriate meals. Click or tap the button below to help us serve more of the people who need it most, now.