Corporate Volunteering

Join us for corporate volunteering and support food relief across Melbourne

Addressing Food Insecurity

through food & Opportunity.

1 in 25 adults

in Victoria ran out of food in the last 12 months and could not afford to buy more.

Many of those experiencing food insecurity are unable to work, with a higher prevalence reported in marginalised communities including refugees and asylum seekers experiencing severe hunger. 

At Meals with Impact, we believe everyone deserves meals with dignity. Meals of high quality that meets their dietary and cultural needs. 

But after months of providing food relief, we soon realised we needed to disrupt the system. A meal just wasn’t enough. 

Which is why we’re dedicated to reducing unemployment, to ultimately lower the prevalence of food insecurity among the community who struggle with sourcing adequate food due to a lack of financial independence and we’re inviting the community to also make this impact. 

1 in 8 Adults

in Victoria are worried about running out of money to buy food.


Spend a day out of the office, investing in culture, team-building and know you’re making a difference by helping us pack food relief whilst also empowering women from refugee and migrant backgrounds with employment training and opportunities. 

Bookings now available for January 2024. 

Reasons why you should volunteer with us

1. Make Your Impact – this one’s a no-brainer. Help create food relief either directly or indirectly as a tangible outcome of the session to feed food insecure communties.  

2. Empower our Team – As an employment focused organization, every interaction & conversation matters. Volunteers that take part in our program help our team build essential soft skills required for future employment such as communication and English language skills. 

3. Take a Break – Located in the perfect Melbourne CBD location, take a small step outside your office and spend a few hours with us to share a purpose beyond everyday work, we promise the playlist alone will make it worthwhile. 

4. Learn Something New – With industry trained chefs supervising the session, learn tips and tricks from professional chefs to implement at home, or learn more about the traditional spices and ingredients that go into our delicious meals.

5. Financial Contribition – The program makes up a modest yet pivotal part of our revenue stream. For every $100 donated per person, this helps ensure our program will continue. Your donation equates to covering food ingredients, uniform and hairnets as well as contributed employment hours. 

Need more information? Reach out to for more information. 

Here's how corporate volunteering at Meals with Impact benefits your team

Boosts morale
Develop new food skills
Engage with the community
Commit to your CSR goals
Build a positive brand image
Increase job satisfaction and retention
Build networks
Provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment

Ask us how you can join our corporate volunteering program, today.

Food Relief Volunteering Program

Get your hands dirty and join in on our Magpie Meals food relief production, side by side by our team. 

The program is about three hours long and includes

  • Treats and an induction (sustenance & safety first!)
  • Food preparation (chopping, dicing, slicing etc) and packaging food relief meals using our Proseal machine 
  • Group Photo & Impact Report 

Once completed, all meals are donated through Bright Sparque to local charities and organizations in need. 

Once you’re locked in for your volunteering session, we’ll reach out to collect a few details closer to the day. 

As you will be working inside our kitchen, we ask that you follow our strict food hygiene guidelines; 

Have your hair neatly tied back and facial hair groomed, nails clean and short, with no acrylic nails. Clothes should be comfortable and allow lifting, bending and repetitive movements, and should not include hoodies or scarves. 

Shoes should be closed toe and preferably steel capped and non-slip, as the kitchen floor can get slippery. Apart from plain wedding bands, jewellery should be kept at home as no loose jewellery is allowed in the kitchen. We currently do not have lockers available, so all special or unnecessary belongings should also be left behind.

If an urgent call comes through, we ask that you take this call outside of the kitchen in the cafe area. 

Our limited availability and staff roster means that a 50% cancellation fee may apply for cancelling within 14 days, and 100% cancellation fee applies for cancelling within 7 days.

Our food distribution is carried out in collaboration with Bright Sparque, a platform that connects charities to communities. We do not have one sole charity that we work with as we service many. 

Communities are usually within but not limited to groups and individuals within;

  • City of Moonee Valley
  • Hume City Council
  • City of Melton
  • City of Knox
  • City of Melbourne

We run our volunteering shifts on either: 

  • Mondays (2pm – 5pm) or
  • Fridays (2pm – 5pm) 


As an operating cafe, we are unable to currently offer mid-week sessions. Reach out to our team to secure your spots. 

As a small social enterprise, we may also accept in kind payment for corporate shifts. This will usually be in the form of goods and services such as skilled volunteers and general expertise. Please reach out if this is something you’d prefer to offer instead. 

If you have to cancel your session within 14 days, a 50% fee may apply. 

Cancelling within 7 days may result in a 100% cancellation fee. 

Get in touch with us for corporate volunteering opportunities

Volunteering is a rewarding way for businesses to make a direct impact and give back to the community. Join us in our mission to help more communities today.