Creating Employment Success
We cover hands on training, paid employment, wrap around support for Women of Migrant and Refugee backgrounds to build pathways for future meaningful work.


Providing Culturally Appropriate Food Relief
Our Team co-designs meals with recipes close to home and package them for food relief


Changing Industry Thinking
We work with industry partners to change the perception, build employment pathways and create conversations about destigmatizing employment for CALD communities.

Our Story.

Meals with Impact is the brainchild of experienced Chef, Harris Ryan and Community Development Specialist, Nikki Blanch who witnessed first-hand the limitations of Victoria’s food relief system in providing culturally appropriate food during the pandemic.

Over 12 months they facilitated a local government program dedicated to creating culturally relevant food relief for local communities, whilst providing employment opportunities to women from migrant and refugee backgrounds . During this process however, they soon realised the issue was beyond adequate food relief, it was about addressing the systemic barriers women from these communities were facing in accessing good jobs in Australia.



“Too often, their incredible skills are overlooked. They speak multiple languages, they are resilient and adaptable, and compassionate and kind due to their migration experiences. 

They are also incredible cooks with a rich tradition and culture to share. Our aim is that all future employers will recognise what an asset they are to any organisation.”

Together with our partners and supporters, they’ve now created a work-integrated social enterprise (WISE) that employs women from migrant & refugee backgrounds to co-design and produce culturally appropriate meals tailored for food relief and to the wider community.

Our Impact.

We’re a passionate team of everyday people that love to share our stories, our experiences and build connections through our love of food.

Watch our latest video to find out more about what we do.

Our Mission.

To empower women from migrant and refugee backgrounds to find and maintain employment through the delivery of inclusive work integrated training. We provide above award paid employment combined with on the job training in our cafe, food relief services and catering business. We also provide support for participants to transition to mainstream employment.

Our Vision.

For all women of migrant and refugee backgrounds to have equitable opportunities for meaningful work free of discrimination and marginalisation, to contribute to industries facing significant skill shortages.

Magpie Meals.

With the support of Collingwood Football Club, we’ve been able to produce thousands of culturally appropriate meals known as ‘Magpie Meals’ to those unable to access a nutritious food source that meet their cultural and religious needs.

Our goal is to support over 10,000 families and  provide up to 15 part-time employment opportunities to women currently facing barriers to long-term employment.